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We are the UK's leading provider of academic-based rebounding workshops, fitness classes and training. We are a family run business with a wealth of experience in Education, Athlete, and SEND needs.

All our workshops and classes guarantee that you exercise in a FUN and exciting way!


Our Promise

You are guaranteed that the quality of any workshop is absolutely, and always first rate. We make sure that all of our workshops and classes are fully inclusive and that everyone can take part!

We aim to make sure that every participant has an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Could be the reason so many people rebook our services again and again…?

All our staff are highly trained and experienced in all things “spring” related. We have been working in schools / colleges and training providers for the past 10 years delivering a multitude of bounce related activities to include:

What we offer

So many people think of starting their own business

Be Your Own Boss
with a Bounce Beyond franchise.

Bounce Beyond are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations.

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